Structured Functionalisation
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Structured Functionalisation

Polymer surfaces

Polymers are materials with a wide range of properties that are used in many different areas. In addition to synthetic polymers, which are also commonly called plastics, biopolymers, i.e. polymers of natural origin, are increasingly in demand in technical applications. The application properties of products made from these materials can be improved or extended by functionalising the surface. For this important technical process of coating or modifying surfaces, specific strategies and technologies have been developed in recent decades and are widely used in industry. However, there is still considerable potential to utilise the useful properties of these materials in ever new applications. We are developing new materials and technologies for this purpose.

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Fraunhofer POLO®  

is an acronym for POLymere Oberflächen (polymer surfaces). It is a trade mark of Fraunhofer, which we use to offer our services. Fraunhofer POLO® combines the competences of experts from different institutes working from different backgrounds in the field of polymer surfaces.

Expertise based on many years of experience allows the development of new concepts, innovative processes and modern materials around surfaces of plastics and natural polymers.

We offer

On the subject of functionalisation of polymer surfaces we offer the following services

  • Concept development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Process and material development
  • Plant planning and design
  • Production introduction of new processes and materials
  • Development of process control and quality assurance
  • Trouble-shooting of existing processes

Some examples can be found here zufinden. Our serveces are listed here.  

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Heavy metal free pretreatment technologies for a superior adhesion of metals on polymer materials including polyolefins.

Your advantages

Customer specific solutions

We develop surface functionalisations, layers and coatings as well as technologies to produce and test them individually for your demands.

One stop shop

From basic investigations and feasibility studies to the complete production line - POLO® is your partner at all stages of development.

Securing your competitive edge

With our products, you create unique selling points for your products, which secure them advantages in the market and we guide you to sustainable production.

Quality assurance

We offer solutions to ensure the quality of your products with in-line technologies and help with the development of test protocols.

Innovative Werkstoffe

Mit unseren Produkten erhalten Sie Materialien mit gleichen oder überlegenen Eigenschaften bei deutlich reduziertem Materialeinsatz zur Schonung der Resourcen für nachhaltige Produkte.

Minimum efforts  

Production is by standard methods, e.g. roll-to-roll, spraying, dipping, spin-off, doctoring, rolling, pad printing, screen printing, inkjet printing, photolithography, embossing

Reduction of production and logistics costs

Low processing costs reduce associated costs, such as production and logistics costs - thus our products create savings potential.


Michaela Müller

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Dr. Michaela Müller

Spokesperson Fraunhofer POLO®

c/o Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB
Nobelstraße 12
70569 Stuttgart, Germany

Phone +49 711 970-4140

Ruben Raul Rosencrantz

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Dr. Ruben Raul Rosencrantz

Deputy Spokesperson Fraunhofer POLO®

c/o Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP
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14476 Potsdam-Golm, Germany

Phone +49 331 568-3203