Functionalised polymer surfaces

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What can functionalised surfaces do?

The developments at Fraunhofer POLO® focus on technologies and materials for the functionalisation of surfaces, especially polymers.

Process monitoring

An inherent part of our development work are procedures for the in-line and off-line monitoring and control of processes for the functionalisation of surfaces and for the quality control of products.

Bio-based materials and biopolymers

We adapt technologies to coat these materials and functionalise their surfaces. We also develop coating materials and components from renewable sources.

High- and ultra-barrier coatings

Flexible, transparent high and ultra barrier films from POLO® are among the world's best products currently available on the market. The combination of inorganic barrier layers (e.g. Al2O3) with inorganic-organic barrier layers leads to extremely good barrier properties against gases, vapours and migratable monomers. This has been proven in various independent tests.

We protect sensitive surfaces

Scratch and abrasion resistant surfaces through appropriate coating make displays and other touch-sensitive products suitable for everyday use and protect the sensitive surface. POLO® is constantly developing new application alternatives for glasses, ceramics, metals, polymers, electronic components, etc..

Quality assurance by smart coatings

Indicators in packaging films allow, for example, the early detection of oxygen or oxidative degradation products. The transparent indicator layers from Fraunhofer POLO® thus contribute to product safety and protect both companies and customers.

Clean, hygienic, safe – antimicrobial coatings

Making surfaces not only self-cleaning but also resistant to microorganisms, preventing build-up and killing germs, this helps to set hygiene standards, prevent precarious "dirt corners" or even contamination on and in buildings, etc.

Troubleshooting and analytical services   

For our development work, we use a wide range of analytical and testing techniques, including surface and thin-film analysis, material analysis and testing, but also permeation measurements and modelling. We offer most of these techniques as a service to our customers and complement them with profound experience with polymer materials and surfaces.